aubrey. 17. i like to watch movies.


Song of the Day: April 23, 2014

Twin Size Mattress || The Front Bottoms

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Blow gently on your screen


stop being cute if you’re not gonna like me back

Got me feeling some type of way rn

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me: *dials 911*

operator: hello 911, what’s your emergency?

me: i need someone to cuddle with, rub my back, and play with my hair

operator: someone is on their way, please stay calm

"It’s so beautiful to kiss
who actually
means a lot to you."

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"All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex."

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do you ever just want to hold someone in your arms for about 37 years

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Berkeley Barb (1967)

"Some hearts understand each other, even in silence."

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